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Solution You Want:

  • No water tank overflow. Save your house from seepage/repaint
  • No extra motor running. Save electricity and electricity bill
  • No wastage of water. Save water and water bill
  • No extra running of motor, gives longer life to motor
  • No need to sit & wait for water tank filling as it automatically

What We Offer For You:

  • Motor will switch off automatically if no water in pipe
  • Motor will switch off automatically if water stops coming in pipe
  • Motor will switch off automatically after filling the water tank
  • Motor can be operated manually
  • Motor will start automatically at preset time
  • Can adjust operating time of motor

Implementation Areas:

  • Factory
  • Resort
  • Garden
  • Apartment
  • Hospital
  • Hotel and restaurant
  • Commercial center
  • Shopping Mall


What We Offer For You:

A GSM controller is a remote control device which can be operated via GPRS. You can remotely control gates, garage doors and car parking barriers via mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

  • User calls the number of a SIM card contained within the GSM controller
  • If the GSM Controller recognises the number of the caller, it rejects the call and instructs the gate or door to open or close. If not, no action is taken.
  • The GSM Controller sends an optional SMS message to confirm the action has been carried out.
  • It has Web interface, GSM Dialing, IOS & Android App
  • Add up to 5 administrators, 200 users and scheduled opening and closing periods.
  • Notifies the user of faults via SMS
  • Maintain proper security by using caller ID for identification, unknown callers can be ignored automatically
  • Add or remove users by SMS Text command
  • No need to provide a remote control or keys for different users
  • It can be controlled from anywhere, even from your country border to city

Use Cases:






PIR Motion sensor is a fully automatic indoor security/courtesy light controller capable of controlling up to 1200W. At night, the built in passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor turns on the connected lighting system when it detects motion in its coverage area. During the day, the built in photocell sensor saves electricity by deactivating the lights.

The PIR Sensor Switch can detect the Infrared Rays released by human body. The light or any other electrical appliance can be activated automatically by the active presence of a human body within the detection range / coverage area & when there is no active human presence the light will be deactivated automatically. An adjustable time lets you select how long the light stays on after activation. Hence a considerable amount of electricity cost is saved by the use of the Sensor.

Head Office

15186,East Vatara, Notun Bazar, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212. 


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